Strategic National Stockpile

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What is SNS and what is it for? 

SNS is an acronym for Strategic National Stockpile, and consists of large quantities of medicine and medical supplies to protect the American public if there is a public health emergency such as bioterrorism, disease outbreak or a natural disaster.

The SNS is organized for flexible response. Once authorities agree that a SNS supply is needed, the response will be to send a " Push Package" which can be delivered within 12 hours.


The Push Packages are caches of pharmaceuticals, 解毒剂, and medical supplies designed to provide rapid delivery of a broad spectrum of assets for an ill defined threat in the early hours of an event. These 12-hour Push Packages have been configured to be immediately loaded onto either trucks or commercial cargo aircraft for the most rapid transportation.

Once the emergency has been defined, follow-on vendor managed inventory (VMI) supplies will be shipped to arrive within 24 to 36 hours. If the agent is well defined, VMI can be tailored to provide pharmaceuticals, supplies and/or products specific to the suspected or confirmed agent(s). In this case, the VMI could act as the first option for immediate response from the SNS Program.

How will you get your medicine if the SNS is delivered to your area?

If the SNS is deployed to Galveston County, information about dispensing locations near you will be shared with the local TV, 广播, and print news media. You can also check the Galveston County Health District's web site for updates.

点击这里 for helpful emergency information to use before, during and after an emergency.